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Our Story

Peter & Tim Iliopoulos are brothers who have been working together in the automotive industry for over 35 years. They were introduced to the industry by their father, Jim Iliopoulos, who in 1989 founded Coburg Super Finish Smash Repairs. As executive directors, both Peter and Tim continue to run and expand this automotive repair facility, building upon the household name that was created years ago by their father. 

In mid 2021 the decision was made to expand upon the 'Coburg Super' brand, and venture out into a different sub-sector of the automotive industry. And so, on Gaffney Street, just a few blocks away from Coburg Super Finish, Coburg Super Tyres and Auto Care was created. Following an immediate partnership with the global automotive workshop equipment brand Corghi, the workshop was fitted with their top-rated mechanical software and equipment. However, a brand new tyre and mechanical workshop equipped with the latest technology and systems, cannot be successful without a team. Headed up by Peter and Tim, the team at Coburg Super Tyres and Auto Care have a breadth of knowledge between them, and are always prepared to go above and beyond for their clients.

Coburg Super Tyres & Auto Care is a professional company that hopes to provide an unbeatable service to clients. Peter and Tim encourage a philosophy of respect and customer service, so that Coburg Super Tyres and Auto Care can assist every step of the way, from first enquiry to drive-away!

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