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Our Services

Cars are important. For many people, its their primary method of travel, and often a substantial investment. That's why at Coburg Super Tyres and Auto Care, we endeavour to assist you with whatever your vehicle might need. Our qualified mechanics and tyre technicians are able to provide your vehicle with top quality care and workmanship, for a range of different services at extremely competitive prices.


Our experienced mechanics have been in the industry for decades, seeing a lot of what the automotive industry has to offer. Whatever the problem may be, they will aim to diagnose and repair it, incorporating our premium standards along the way.


By calling any of the numbers provided, we will be able to assist with the appropriate towing/breakdown service if required. Through communicating directly with you and the drivers, we will make sure the transport of your vehicle is taken care of.


Our automotive specialists are able to assist you with inspections and checks, whether it be in preparation for a roadworthy, or for a safety check. If you have any concerns, the team will be able to identify any signs of damage or malfunction.


The team will be able to assist you with all things wheels and tyres. We strive to stock top-quality brands and provide them at competitive prices, including fitting, balancing, and our company retail guarantee.


The most common areas of a vehicle that need attention are the oil levels and the brakes. If an interim or full service isn't needed, the team can provide you with preliminary checks and top-ups to get you on your way.


With numerous battery models and sizes on the shelf, we will be able to organise a new battery on short notice, getting you back on the road again in no time. We also provide battery testing on request.

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